Focusvape vaporizer is an advanced portable vaporizer for vaping dry botanicals and extracts. The portable vaporizer has a remarkable and powerful replaceable battery, which is rare among portable vaporizers. The manufacturer and developer behind the remarkable vaporizer is the ambitious company iFocus, which is always on the straight path to excellence. A young group of vaporizer developers is always making sure to give you the most enjoyable vaping experience.
Designed with vaporizer enthusiasts’ wishes in mind, giving you the vaping experience you desire.
Vaporizer users have always been in a struggle with empty batteries since the technology offered vaporizers with integrated batteries.

Focusvape is one of the first vaporizers with replaceable 18650 battery. Most portable vaporizers use integrated battery that loses its full capacity over months or even weeks, forcing users to buy new ones! Focusvape is a changing the game with replaceable batteries, which could be charged by external charger. One fully charged battery will last up to 1 hour or even a bit more – which is more than enough to enjoy 3 long vaping session.

The best part about replaceable battery is that if you buy extra, you can always have a spare fully charged battery by your side and have a session whenever and wherever you want.
This is where the Herb Bullet comes in. The Bullet is made out of high-quality stainless steel and it fits perfectly in your device’s heating chamber. Changing your herbs has never been so easy outside of your home, because you can prepare/fill up many bullets with herbs and just change a used bullet with a fresh one on the spot in few seconds. You receive 1 plastic holder for every 2 bullets.

Various types of portable vaporizers

We don’t offer only portable pen vaporizers such as Focusvape, our developer team have created a series of portable vaporizers with user wishes in mind. You can also find an upgraded version of Focusvape: PRO & PRO S, which both have an OLED display, replaceable battery and adjustable airflow; the world’s first portable vaporizer that has an integrated water bubbler inside the device in the next invention called Adventurer; and of course, the boldest – Tourist.

Focusvape, Focusvape PRO & Focusvape PRO S have a very similar exterior. Focusvape and PRO have a silicone gel covering which protects the device from heating and offers a good feeling while handling. Meanwhile PRO S has an aluminum shell which makes it more elegant and good looking. Aluminum is a good heat protector, which allows users to hold it comfortably even when it’s set to the highest temperature. All of these devices have a replaceable 18650 battery, adjustable airflow ceramic heating oven, wide temperature range and good filtration mouthpiece with pyrex glass. This really is a gamechanging pen vaporizer since it has all the best features covered in one unit.

Focusvape is known for its high development skills; what this means is that every existing model gets upgraded from time to time. Our team is focused on our customers and users; we improve our work on the basis of their wishes and feedback.
A high percentage of our customers chooses Water Bubbler as an extra accessory with their order. This inspired us to make a set Focusvape PRO Premium which has a Water Bubbler attachment already in the primary package.

A bigger inspiration was our Adventurer. Adventurer is an advanced portable vaporizer for dry herbs that is the world’s first vaporizer with integrated water bubbler. This unique unit has an amazing boxed design with a window showing the inside of the bubbler with an awesome green LED light.

Tourist is the next big invention from Focusvape. Tourist is a 2 in 1 vaporizer, with 2 head-attachments: one for dry herbs, the other for extracts. A powerful 18650 battery by Samsung allows you to vaporize waxes and extracts at really high temperatures, which can go up to 450°C. Tourist offers a magnetic base for a desktop use and a special dab rigg bong, which is made specially for extracts. Now you can enjoy various types of vaporizing in just one, convenient unit.
Besides the collection of portable vaporizers, we offer fun and very useful accessories compatible with our devices such as water bubbler attachment, wax/extract chart, liquid pod, herb pod and much more. You can always buy the accessories and spare parts anytime, separately from the device.

Heating & Temperature

Focusvape vaporizers are mostly essentially made for vaping dry herbs. Precisely manufactured ceramic chamber is the key to high-quality vapor with great taste and the most comfortable vaping experience you can get. Ceramic chamber heats your herbs perfectly, while you can set your perfect temperature. Wide temperature range could be adjusted form 80°C-240°C which is really rare in portable vaporizers. It can be also set to Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The next amazing thing with our vaporizers is that they produce no combustion. This is the key to vaporizing healthy herbs and consuming only the positive components of the herb, with no smoke or dangerous gases that are produced while smoking or burning the substances.
Temperature setting depends on herbs you are using. If you are new to vaping, we recommend setting your unit to 180°C.
Fast-heating system will heat up your device in less than 35 seconds. The unit vibrates when it reaches the set temperature to tell you when its ready to be used. The integrated safety system will turn off heating after 5 minutes of use – for that, you must hold one button for 3 seconds to activate heating once again. Safety system also detects when the device is not in the use, but still heating – that means automatic turn off.

Replaceable Battery

Replaceable battery is one of the most wanted features among portable vaporizers. This allows you to use multiple batteries – you can always have a fully charged one in your pocket and be ready to vape.
Focusvape vaporizers use high-drain batteries, standard of 18650 by Samsung with capacity of 3200mAh. 18650 is key to long sessions. It can be charged via USB or with an external charger which is on sale separately from the device. Most portable vaporizers use an integrated battery that loses its full capacity over months or even weeks, forcing users to buy new ones! Forget about problems like that with Focusvape, because you can always carry a spare and change it on the spot, very easily. You need to unscrew the bottom of device, change the battery and screw the cover on again. Any 18650 battery will fit, but we recommend using an original Samsung 3200mAh high-drain battery.

Accessories & Spare Parts

Focusvape vaporizer offers many different accessories to boost your vaping experience. We have a wide collection of accessories and spare parts compatible with every device from our store. You can order any of it with the device or separately. Focusvape, PRO and PRO S can be easily turned into a wax vaporizer or a liquid vaporizer by adding one small pod in your device, which allows you to vaporize extracts, waxes, liquids and oils. Game-changing accessories will make sure that you can enjoy various types of vaporizing in only one unit.
Vaporizing extracts or waxes requires setting your temperature to a higher level, which could be heavy for some people’s lungs, as such, there is a Water Bubbler attachment which makes vapor smoother and more enjoyable.


Focusvape is our first unit ever. This device is a leading device in pen dry herb vaporizers. Because of its one button settings, it is easy to use. But it doesn’t have a precisely adjustable temperature – 6 temperature levels can go from 160°C to 220°C. The Focusvape has all the power of a desktop vaporizer with the convenience of portability.

Focusvape PRO

PRO is an upgraded smart device, which has an OLED Display with precisely adjustable temperature and wide temperature range from 80°C up to 240°C increasing in increments of 1°C. This allows you to fine tune your vaporizer to you and your material. Other amazing features are very similar to Focusvape.

Focusvape PRO S

Including all the things we love about Focusvape & PRO. The one characteristic that sets the PRO S apart from the rest is an aluminum shell that protects all the scientific technology on the inside from getting too hot. Its elegant metallic look is also very popular all over the globe.


Let the Adventurer take you for the ride of your life with its pristine performance. An innovative device that is the world’s first vaporizer with integrated water bubbler, Adventurer will deliver exquisite flavor, clean vapor and the smoothest hit more than any other vaporizer on the market.


Tourist is a 2 in 1 vaporizer for both of your dry herbs and extracts or waxes. You can simply change the settings with one button. Tourist comes equipped with special water bubbler attachment, specially made for dabs.
This vaporizer is a game-changing device in a vaping industry, offering you all the features of your favorite dry herb and wax vaporizer all in one convenient, trendy unit.


Click here for instructions on how to use your Focusvape vaporizer device.

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