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New Arrivals | Aero & CBD Box

New arrivals | Following a collection of advanced and high-quality vaporizers, Focusvape is still developing innovative ways to vaporize. Focusvape is bringing the vaping industry into a whole new area with their unique and highly scientific and well-designed vaporizers.
Get ready for the brand new Aero & CBD Box. Exploring new ways to vaporize, Focusvape is bringing it to you in 2018.


The convection model AERO from Focusvape, contains all the luxury and high-quality features of the other vaporizers with just a small adjustment of the function. The most important feature that sets this herbal vaporizer apart is the airflow adjustment on how to heat up your herbal heating chamber. This vaporizer has a lot of rising potential as the technology enthusiasts are working hard on making this a highly sought-after vaporizer. There will be nothing quite like this convection model on the vaping market.

– High-quality OLED display with a temperature range:
80°C – 240°C
– Fully convection, really on-demand with cool and dense flavor
– Locker working at the rest time during vaporizing session, block hot air and save material
– Herb chamber under the heating element, double save material (because hot air always goes up)
– Easy-to-clean air path, not drawing resistance


CBD is taking the medical world by storm, providing cold, hard facts about the benefits it has on the body and brain. Focusvape brings their highly well-designed CBD Box which is specifically crafted just for your CBD materials and supplied with the newest ceramic heating element and pre-heating session to deliver the best and most ideal temperatures to your products without burning it. This CBD Box will grace the vaping market soon…

– 5-second pre-heating system to pre-warm the thick oil, avoid dry burning tastes
– Newest ceramic heating element
-Top filling, easy fills by needle or by injection machine
-Top airflow, highly prevents leaking from the bottom
– Really palm-shaped, min size at 61×34.5x19mm (HxLxW)
-0,8 ml tank capacity, maximum up to 1.0 ml
The exact release date isn’t known yet, so stay tuned!



Accessories make vaporizing even more fun. Here you can choose from many different accessories, that are compatible with all of our devices.
Wax or Liquid chart can turn your dry herb device into a wax vaporizer. Here is also a water bubbler attachment that cools down the vapor and makes it more enjoyable.
….And so much more!

Click here for instructions on how to use your Focusvape vaporizer device.

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