How to use Focusvape PRO

How to use Focusvape PRO

Every vaporizer comes with all the needed accessories and spare parts for immediate use. All of the devices have a similar function process. Today, we will instruct you on how to use the excellent Focusvape PRO.

Focusvape PRO

This is an advanced OLED display aromatherapy device with full temperature control (80°C-240°C / 176°F-464°F) for vaporizing botanicals. The sealed airflow, high-grade ceramic heating chamber and borosilicate glass mouthpiece make the vaporization process exceptionally amazing and produces the desired effect by baking. With this Premium Focusvape vaporizer, we hope you will have a great vaping experience.

What Focusvape PRO includes
1* Focusvape PRO
1* Original LG/SAMSUNG 3200mAh high-drain battery
1* 5pin Micro USB cable
1* Additional glass mouthpiece
1* Packing tool
1* Cleaning Brush
3* Screen filter
1* User Manual

Size ……………………………….172×23.5(mm)
Battery capacity………….3200Ah high-drain
Battery Voltage……….……………………….4.2V
Temperature levels……………………80°-240°C

How to use Focusvape PRO (step by step)

We recommend sterilizing the unit before the first use. Heat up the device 3 times. Press the button quickly, 5 times. The device will turn on and start heating. The safety system will turn off the device after 5 minutes of session. Repeat this 2 times.

When the device is sterilized, you can detach the mouthpiece and filtration chamber to reveal the ceramic heating oven.

Grind your botanicals and load it into the ceramic oven.

Attach the mouthpiece and filtration chamber back onto the main body, ready for you to vape.

Press any one of the buttons 3 times within 2 seconds to turn on the device. The device will vibrate, and the Focusvape logo will appear on the display screen.

Press the < or > button to select the temperature unit between Celsius System (°C) and Fahrenheit System (°F). Select the unit you wish and to continue, press the button 2 times to enter.
Remark: For each first time after you disconnect the battery from the device, the device will request a selection on the temperature unit as above. (this is because the IC lost the memory data after the battery was disconnected)

Press the < or > button to adjust temperature, each press will add/decrease 1°C of 1°F accordingly, which will change the numbers on the screen. Continuously pressing can quickly increase or decrease the temperature.

Just stay on with the set temperature you want to vape at, then release the button. The oven will immediately start heating up. Wait till the Actual Temperature is the same as the Set Temperature, at which point the device will vibrate, and then you can start to inhale slowly to enjoy.

Rotate the dial ring on the device to adjust the flow of air. Keeping the 3 holes open provides the maximum airflow.
Important Feature:
To maintain the purest taste, we have separated the airflow pathway from the electronics, so the airflow goes directly from the outside air -> the metal (3 holes) -> the food grade rubber -> the ceramic oven, then comes to the mesh/ceramic filter -> the glass mouthpiece, finally to your mouth!

1. Remove the Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece from the PRO vaporizer
2. Fill the Water Bubbler with water
3. Turn it around and immediately draw to keep the maximum amount of water
4. Attach the Water Bubbler onto the Focusvape PRO vaporizer
5. Enjoy the purest vapor

Continue pressing < and > button simultaneously for 2 seconds to turn off the device, until the device vibrates one time and the Focusvape logo is displayed.
Each cycle has a duration of 8 minutes (5 minutes of working + 3 minutes of sleep mode), after which the device will automatically power off.

When the device is put on again, it will heat automatically to reach the temperature which the vaporizer memorized the last time before it was shut off.
Remark: Each time after you disconnect the battery from the device, and then turn it on for the first time to vape, the device will also request that you set up the temperature again as STEP 5. (this is also because the IC lost the memory data when the battery was disconnected)

– Charge your Focusvape device for 3 to 4 hours initially. The power of the vaporizer will be shown with bars on the battery icon while charging. Full power will be shown with a full battery icon
– Focusvape PRO battery can also be removed from the device and charged through a separate Li-ion 18650 wall charger
– Battery needs recharging when battery icon on display flashes 5 times or you cannot heat up the device
– The device supports a pass-through function

ATTENTION: In order to preserve the battery life, once the device has been fully discharged, then during the charging process, we have a setting on the software to restrict use of the device when battery icon less than 1 bar (because it needs a high discharge current during heating up)

Each duration of 5 minutes, after which the display is off, the device enters into a sleep mode for another 3 minutes, and the oven stops heating.
In the sleep period, press any button for 2 seconds to wake up the device and get it into work mode.

In the event that vapor is not being released, please use the packing tool to gently stir the botanical in the ceramic oven.

Cleaning the mouthpiece:
Use a cotton swab and wipe the inner part of the mouthpiece then wipe with a damp paper towel.

Cleaning the ceramic oven:
Use the brush tool to gently clean the walls of the oven.
Note: Make sure your Focusvape PRO is powered off and cool before cleaning.

This device contains Lithium-ion battery, please be sure to dispose properly. Do not dispose directly into trash. Do not overcharge. Do not short-circuit it.
Incompatible chargers may carry a different voltage, which may be a fire hazard, for this reason, we strongly request you use the supplied charger. The use of any charging unit with a different voltage will void the limited warranty offered on this product.

Focusvape PRO warrants this device against defects in materials used to create this product for a period of 1 (one) year from the retail purchase date. Warranty can only be used by the original end-user purchaser. If a claim is received and valid, Focusvape PRO guarantees to either:
– Repair the product defect or
– Exchange the product

Limited Warranty:
Does not apply to normal performance degradation
Does not apply to battery

Click here for instructions on how to use your Focusvape vaporizer device.

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