Accessories for Focusvape vaporizers

Accessories make vaporizing even more fun. Here you can choose from many different accessories, that are compatible with all of our devices.
Wax or Liquid chart can turn your dry herb device into a wax vaporizer. Here is also a water bubbler attachment that cools down the vapour and makes it more enjoyable.
….And so much more!

Replaceable Battery — Replaceable battery is one of the most wanted features among portable vaporizers. 18650 rechargeable battery has a capacity of 3200mAh. The Samsung battery guarantees flexibility at all times. The replaceable and customary battery (18650 standard) is also considerably cheaper when compared with the batteries of other vaporizers. Also, the battery can be constantly changed everywhere.
The battery can be charged in the device via USB cable or by an external charger which is on sale separately from the device. Now you can enjoy longer sessions on-the-go with your new favorite Focusvape PRO.

Wax Chart — Wax Chart is one of our favorite pieces from our Accessories collection. The chart turns your Focusvape device into extract or wax vaporizer. Simply put the chart into the ceramic heating chamber and add extracts. We recommend setting your temperature level a little bit higher (190°C for waxes and extracts). If this is too harsh for your lungs, we recommend using it with bong (via bong adapter) or Water Bubbler from our offer.

Water Bubbler — Water Bubbler cools down the vapor and makes it more enjoyable. The bubbler also allows you to vaporize at higher temperatures; the thick vapor gets cooler while filtrating in the bubbler. You can also use it for fun since is like having an electronic bong device.

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