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Devices – Focusvape is a fresh and outgoing manufacturer for vaporizers for dry herbs and extracts, developing the most advanced and luxurious vapes in the industry. Mission is to provide an affordable cutting edge vaporizers with all the newest technologies. Offering the highest quality vapor with great taste and most comfortable aromatherapy on-the-go experience.
Vaporizers by Focusvape have a powerful replaceable 18650 battery.

Focusvape PRO
PRO is an upgraded smart device, which has an OLED Display with precisely adjustable temperature and wide temperature range from 80°C up to 240°C increasing in increments of 1°C. This allows you to fine tune your vaporizer to you and your material. Other amazing features are very similar to Focusvape.

Focusvape PRO S
Including all the things we love about Focusvape & PRO. The one characteristic that sets the PRO S apart from the rest is an aluminum shell that protects all the scientific technology on the inside from getting too hot. Its elegant metallic look is also very popular all over the globe.

Tourist is a 2 in 1 vaporizer for both of your dry herbs and extracts or waxes. You can simply change the settings with one button. Tourist comes equipped with special water bubbler attachment, specially made for dabs.


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