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Dry herb mode Replacable battery Vibration (ready2use)
Ceramic heating chamber 18650 Safety mode (5minutes)
Adjustable air-flow Samsung 3200mAh high-drain battery OLED-Display

Focusvape PRO

Focusvape PRO is the best selling from our collection.
Portable herbal vaporizer is revamped version of the original Focusvape and was designed with enthusiasts wishes in mind. The PRO adds the ability to adjust the temperature more specifically. The temperature options start at 80°C and can go all the way up to 240°C increasing in increments of 1°. Versus the original Focusvape that has pre-set temperature settings that you would choose from. This allows you to fine tune your vaporizer to you and your material.

– High quality OLED display with temperature range (80°C-240°C)
– Vibrates upon powering on and also when it reaches set temperature
– Airflow control wheel
– Quick heating up time: 35 seconds
– Upgraded ceramic heating chamber
– Silica gel surface
– Changeable LG/SAMSUNG 18650 3200mAh high-drain battery
– Available in: black, coffee and ceramic white


Accessories and Spare Parts for Focsuvape PRO

Focusvape PRO sure is one of our bestsellers, offering you a unique vaping experience you’ve never had. We have created a list of 10 things that makes Focusvape the it vaporizer of 2018. PRO is available in black, brown, cold blue, dark grey and white.

Mouthpiece — The PRO’s mouthpiece is made out of 4 pieces: steel screens, ceramic filter, mouthpiece base and pyrex mouthpiece. Pyrex mouthpiece is made out of borosilicate glass, which stays cool or at room temperature while vaporizing. It’s theoretically unbreakable.

Adjustable Airflow — Another great feature that PRO has – Adjustable Airflow is controlled by an airflow wheel. 3 different levels of airflow allow you to change your vapor from more thick clouds or to smooth fog that is good for your lungs. Air path goes through metal, ceramic, rubber and glass and doesn’t have contact with the tech inside or the battery.

OLED Display — PRO also offers a precisely adjustable OLED Display. This feature allows you to adjust the temperature to your preferred level. The wide temperature range is from 150°C and can go up to 240°C which is a rare thing among portable vaporizers. The temperature can be set in °C or in °F.
Focusvape PRO also offers a quick heating system, which takes less than 35 seconds. You know when it’s heated and ready to vape when it vibrates.

Ceramic heating chamber — Ceramic heating chamber is a key to smooth and tasteful sessions. Ceramic heating chamber evenly heats the herbs and leaves with no combustion. Focusvape PRO is for everyone that wants to experience healthier vaporizing.
We recommend cleaning the chamber after every use. You can extend the lifetime of the chamber by using Herb Pods.

Vibrating & Safety System — Focusvape PRO will also vibrate to tell you when it is ready to use. In addition, it vibrates after 5 minutes of use to tell you it has gone into a cooling phase. For another 5 minutes of heating, hold one button for 3 seconds. Safety system is automatic cooling time after 5
minutes of use. It also detects if its turned on and the user is not using it after 2 minutes – in such instance, it goes into cooling mode.

Replaceable Battery — Replaceable battery is one of the most wanted features among portable vaporizers. 18650 rechargeable battery has a capacity of 3200mAh. The Samsung battery guarantees flexibility at all times. The replaceable and customary battery (18650 standard) is also considerably cheaper when compared with the batteries of other vaporizers. Also, the battery can be constantly changed everywhere.
The battery can be charged in the device via USB cable or by an external charger which is on sale separately from the device. Now you can enjoy longer sessions on-the-go with your new favorite Focusvape PRO.

Wax Chart — Wax Chart is one of our favorite pieces from our Accessories collection. The chart turns your Focusvape device into extract or wax vaporizer. Simply put the chart into the ceramic heating chamber and add extracts. We recommend setting your temperature level a little bit higher (190°C for waxes and extracts). If this is too harsh for your lungs, we recommend using it with bong (via bong adapter) or Water Bubbler from our offer.

Water Bubbler — Water Bubbler cools down the vapor and makes it more enjoyable. The bubbler also allows you to vaporize at higher temperatures; the thick vapor gets cooler while filtrating in the bubbler. You can also use it for fun since is like having an electronic bong device.

Herb Pod — You can have pre-filled herb pods in the sealed holder and you can replace them in public, without grinding your herbs and all of that. They can also be used on a regular basis for extending the heating chamber lifespan.

Liquid Pod — You can also vaporize liquids based on oils, glycol and glycerin. It is easy to use just as the Wax Chart. Pre-filled liquid pods can be stored in a sealed holder and replaced in public.

Click here for instructions on how to use your Focusvape PRO device.

Weight 135 kg
Dimensions 17.2 × 2.5 cm

Dry herb

Adjustable airflow


Ceramic heating oven


OLED display


Temperature range

80° – 240°C

Heating time


Battery capacity


Replaceable battery



Black, Brown, Cold Blue, Dark Grey, Green, White

Safety mode (vibrating)



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