Focusvape vaporizer


Focusvape is the first vaporizer assembled by iFocus technology. Focusvape is an absolute world’s first vaporizer with 6 temperature levels, a sealed air duct that is separated from the electronics, an airflow control system, a ceramic heating chamber, a changeable battery, and a vibration system are just some impressive aspects and only some features offered by this new vaporizer.

The Focusvape has been designed to correspond with the highest demands. A particular focus was placed on not just improving the appearance which would create no further benefit. This has helped ensure that Focusvape retains its slim look and remains portable.




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Focusvape vaporizer

Focusvape vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer with a replaceable battery, ceramic heating chamber, adjustable airflow…

Classy portable vaporizer exclusively for dry blend use. As of right now, this is one of the best-selling dry herb vaporizers in Europe. Providing six different temperature settings Focusvape vaporizer will ensure you are getting the most ideal temperature for the best vaporization of your dry herbs. Also, the original LG/SAMSUNG 18650 battery will offer a long-lasting battery life great for on the road. The aesthetics of portable vaporizer caters to vaping connoisseurs, vaping newbies and all who find themselves in between. The Focusvape vaporizer has all the power of a desktop vaporizer with the convenience of portability.

Vaporizer is an inhalation device that can be used for vaping different dry herbs or botanicals.

Dry herb mode Replaceable battery Vibration (ready to use)
Ceramic heating chamber 18650 Safety mode (5 minutes)
Adjustable air-flow LG 2500mAh high-drain battery 6 temperature levels

An Advanced Dry-Herb Vaporizer


"Focused on

Focusvape is an advanced herb vaporizer
easy-to-use &
build with many useful features.

Replaceable 2500 mAh battery
Airflow control wheel
Quick heating time
Precisely designed ceramic chamber
and Vibrating sistem detector



23,6 mm

Dry-herb vaporizer
Easy to use
6 temperature setting
Wide Temperature Range
Vibrates upon powering on and when reaches temperature
Airflow Control Wheel
Quick heating up time: 35 sec.
Ceramic Heating Chamber
Replaceable Samsung 2500 mAh Battery
External adapter

172 mm

The incorporated materials are high quality aluminum,
ceramic and borosilicate glass. Beyond the entire workmanship
reaches the highest standards.

"One is able to feel it, see it and taste it. "

Replaceable battery
with high capacity (2500 mAh)

The standard battery is already very durable.
A changeable battery is another important feature of Focusvape
and guarantees flexibility at all times.
The replaceable and customary battery (18650-Standard) is also
considerably cheaper when compared with the batteries of other
vaporizers. The battery can be constantly changed everywhere.

Focusvape can be charged via USB or External adapter *not included
You can order extra batteries and external adapter.

Easy-2-use & Quick Heating The Focusvape has a heating chamber made of medical grade ceramic.
This ensures pure steam and pure taste. The specially finished thin wall
of the ceramic heating chamber allows ultra-fast heating of just 30 seconds.
So you do not have to wait forever until you can use the Focusvape,
but sets off after a short time.
Focusvape offers a new and flexible temperature control system that has
6 preset temperatures and covers all possible application options:
160°C, 170°C, 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 220°C.
Focusvape is able to reach all these temperatures in record speed.

Adjustable Airflow

Adjustable draw resistance by 3 levels
Adjustable with airflow control wheel
Airpath goes through metal, ceramic & borosilicate glass 1/3    2/3   3/3

Vibrating & Safety Sistem Focusvape will also vibrate to tell you when it is ready to use.

Safety system will activate after 5 minutes - a device gets in standby.
This keeps device and herb from overheating.

Package Focusvape includes device with battery
some spare parts and accessories.
pyrex mouthpiece silicon cap 1* Focusvape device with 18650 Battery
1* USB
1* Dab tool
1* Brush
1* Extra mouthpiece
1* Silicon cap
1* Instructions
1 year warranty
focusvape vaporizer

Click here for instructions on how to use your Focusvape device.

Additional information

Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm
Adjustable airflow


Battery capacity


Ceramic heating oven



Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Grey, Green, White

Heating time


OLED display


Replaceable battery


Safety mode (vibrating)


Temperature range

160° – 220°C


Dry herb


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