Liquid Steel Pod

Liquid Steel Pod

Liquid Steel Pod is an accessory that turns your dry-herb vaporizer into liquid vaporizer or oil vaporizer.



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Liquid Steel Pod

Liquid Steel Pod allows you to turn your dry herb vaporizer device into a liquid vaporizer in just one easy step.
Unscrew the mouthpiece base and simply put the pod in. Fill it and screw the mouthpiece back on. And you’re ready to vape!

With the prepared fluid container, also known as liquid steel pod, there will no longer be a barrier of enjoying vapor when on the move Beyond this you extend your herb vaporizer to a device that is also able to vaporize oils and concentrates.

Vaporizing Liquids

You can vaporize different liquids based on oil, glycol, glycerin…

We recommend vaporizing propylene glycol at a temperature of 109 °C and vegetable glycerin at 190 °C.
For using CBD oil or similar substances the best temperature is between 170 °C – 190 °C.

But anyways, we recommend setting your temperature levels lower and start at 170 °C and then gradually increase as needed.


Liquid Steel Pod


Liquid Steel Pod is made out of steel and it’s made for vaporizing oils, extracts and liquids.

Accessories for Focusvape

Accessories make vaporizing even more fun. Here you can choose from many accessories, that are compatible with all of our devices.
Wax or Liquid chart can turn your dry herb device into a wax vaporizer. Here is also a water bubbler attachment that cools down the vapor and makes it more enjoyable.
….And so much more!

Click here for instructions on how to use your Focusvape vaporizer device.


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